Personal.xlsb location windows vista

2020-02-23 11:24 Actually, I found the answer. You can find the file PERSONAL. XLSB by using the code below. Sub Dim path As String path MsgBox path End Sub Hidden items will need to be selected in your file explorer to see where this is. Hope this helps anyone who needs to find this file.

Personal. xlsb workbook is nonexistent. I've looked everywhere! Any new ideas? Can I just create one? As far as I know there are no negative consequences for doing so, as long as you: call the file Personal. xlsb put it in the Excel Startup path (which you can find by executing? personal.xlsb location windows vista

Feb 02, 2017 I need to make a copy of the personal. xlsb on my Surface Book and move it to my newly repaired desktop PC. The xlsb file shows up in the VBE editor, and I can use its macros in any workbook; but I can't find it to make a copy. The XLSTART folder is empty, and the Win10 search doesn't see it. Not too long ago I saw (and used) a line of VBA code that, when run in the Immediate Window, provided

May 17, 2013  Hi. I'm new to macros and I may not have the complete understanding yet. I'm trying to locate PERSONAL. XLSB to copy macros and save them to use in different workbooks, however I can't find it. I think the reason is because my Excel is on a network and my files are accessed on a server. I already look the possible paths. It may be a dumb question, but here it goes: Is there anyway I can personal.xlsb location windows vista

Jul 11, 2011 Using windows 7 ultimate. Side note: I generally start working on the spreadsheet that opens up, and it doesn't occur to me to save as a different file since I use quick save shortcuts (CtrlS). I have added macros to PERSONAL. XLSB, and don't want to remove them. Aug 22, 2011  As it is saved in the user profile, which is typically saved on a pcs local hard disk, even in a corporate setting, I would recommend getting in the habit of copying the personal. xlsb to another location so that you have a backup copy in the event of a hard disk failure, complete computer failure, the IT dept replacing your pc without On the Developer tab, in the Code group, click Record Macro. In the Record Macro dialog box, type a meaningful name for the macro in the Macro name box. Make sure you dont use any spaces in the name. In the Store macro in box, select Personal Macro Workbook. Click OK. Perform the actions that you want to record. personal.xlsb location windows vista Jun 25, 2010 I know that in Vista it is \Excel\XLSTART\ Is it the same inWindows7? Thanks. Book problems and solution for windows 7. This book takes you step by step to a new world. The world of Windows 7, even if the new system were not know how to use it. Explain everything to you in pictures. Jan 02, 2018  Personal. xlsb is where the macros that youve personally created are stored, and it differentiates your Excel macros from any scripts or extensions that your organization uses. That being said, if seeing Personal. xlsb every time Excel launches bugs you, you can hide it. Heres how. Jan 29, 2013 Preview Pane blocks Personal. xlsb (2007 on Vista SP1) location: winsecrets. com date: April 2, 2008 Since I have had Vista (before and after SP1) and Office 2007, I have the Preview Pane turned on in Explorer and it seems to work perfectly. Aug 14, 2011 In Vista, the Personal. xlsb is stored at C: \Users\user I have imported the macros into visual basic but I can only save them into that particular workbook and when I reopen Excel, the macros are not avaliable.

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